The Wealthiest Leader in KPK Is a Policewoman

Minggu, 20 Desember 2015 – 00:30 WIB
The Wealthiest Leader in KPK Is a Policewoman -
The newly appointed KPK leader Brig. Gen. Basaria Panjaitan. Photo: JPNN

JAKARTA - Brig. Gen. Basaria Panjaitan is the first woman in leadership of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Based on her official wealth report (LHKPN) published on, the expert staff on social and politics of National Police chief has total wealth reaching Rp 9.89 billion.

She was the last candidate who submitted official wealth report (LHKPN) forms to KPK in May 2015. Basaria’s wealth consist of movable wealth, immovable wealth, current accounts and cash. Her immovable wealth in the form of land and building is worth Rp 8.89 billion. About 10 plots of land and buildings recorded in her wealth report.

Among them are a plot of land and building in Medan and Tangerang, three plots of land in Batam, a house in Jakarta, two plots of land in Lombok Barat and two plots of land and buildings in Bekasi. She also possesses gold which is worth Rp 550 million, current accounts and cash about Rp 460 million.

It is known that she has the most wealth among other anti-graft agency’s leaders. In comparison, the wealth of former Expert Staff of National Intelligence Agency (BIN), Saut Situmorang, is Rp 1.73 billion and USD 20,000. Agus Rahardjo, the elected KPK’s fourth leader, has Rp 2.4 billion and also an ad hoc judge of Jakarta Corruption Court who only has Rp 770 million. (put/jpg/apa)